Simple installation, driven by intellegent drafting


The installation of these projects is vital and at times a challenging aspect of our business. Our commitment to safety is paramount, through continued consultation with all staff and other stakeholders we continually improve and set the bar higher for safety and efficiency. 


Robofab Australia provides complete installation service for all structural steel products. We place a lot of effort in the early stages of the project and work closely with the consultants, builders, and other trades to ensure a smooth installation on site. We believe the accuracy of our intelligent 3D models produced at the start of the fabrication process represent a significant tool for collaboration with other trades and we encourage this integration with all our building partners.


Our 3D models represent in the virtual world exactly to scale the finished product that will be delivered and installed on your site. By providing our models and upskilling other trades we provide the potential to preform a multitude of time saving calculations and clash detection. 


Robofab Australia encourages its clients to consider our early engagement so we can bring many years of structural steel fabrication and erection to the design table. This provides our clients with a value engineering opportunity as well as the ability reduce the construction program.