Structural steel fabrication, and much more



There is a saying in the steel fabrication industry that the two most important parts of a successful project are:

    1)  The structural detailing

    2)  See 1.

We have a close eye for detail and will review your preliminary and architectural drawings and offer suggestions on how to reduce weight, complexity and therefore cost of your project.


Material sourcing

With our production facility being located in the Singapore Straights region, the heart of a major shipping route, we have access to a variety of steel profiles and sizes from all over the world. We have access to all Australian and New Zealand typical steel profiles with certified quality reports, often direct from the mills located in Japan and Taiwan. By ordering though our suppliers we can instantly make you savings.


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We provide a steel fabrication service that is second to none, Australian fabricators included. We are globally competitive and focused on the needs of our Australian builders.


Our automation technology and ISO9001:2005 quality control measures ensure that the steel ordered is exactly what is delivered. 


Shipping & Handling

We have tightly controlled export & import measures in place to ensure all steel that is fabricated is shipped and cleared as quickly as possible. This results in lead-times of as little as 10 days to Brisbane.


We manage all transfers, dutys and taxes to get the steel delivered to site as quickly as possible.



Our Australian installation team are able to mobilise at short notice to stand up your steel on site. They are prepared with all tools and equipment to get the job done professionally, accurately and on-time.


We also have teams of contractors available who can help with earthworks, foundations, panel works and roofing.

Other services

While structural steel is our core business, we also provide welding and fabrication for more bespoke applications. We have experience fabricating;


  • Staircase stringers

  • Ballestrades

  • Gangway walks

  • Bespoke equipment platforms

  • Dumptruck bodies

  • Truck chassis

  • Steel trusswork