Meet our Australian team



RoboFab launched in 2015 to meet a growing demand in Australia for high quality economical steel fabrication. The vision is to help Australian builders source high quaility and reliable structural steel for Australian projects. The combination of Aussie know how and internaional cost savings provides our customers with the”best of both worlds”


After a global search the company established its automated production facility on the industrial Island of Batam 30 minutes from the port of Singapore. Strategically positioned on the waterfront within a free trade zone, our Batam Facility offers a clear advantage supplying Structural Steel to Australia and Asia. Our Australian owned and operated facility is located alongside some of the worlds largest engineering firms including, McConnel Dowell, Austin Engineering, McDermott, and many other globally competitive engineering firms that have moved away from chinese production.


although allot has changed in the steel industry, and our bussines over the past decade RoboFab has not forgotten its roots, a family owned Australian steel fabrication company. We pride ourselves on the personal attention to detail we give to all our building partners. RoboFab is commited to building relationship with companies that share our strong business ethic’s and commitment to the happiness of our staff. We belive when done right “Quality is not expensive it is priceless”


Many Australian builders are interested in the advantages offered by international fabricators but are concerned by the potential risks involved when dealing with unkown foregin companies. Robofab address this a bit differently;

  • Firstly, the steel is not coming from an unknown source. One of our Australian founders is based at the factory working closely with our expat team personally managing the entire fabrication process. We only source steel from certified ISO9001 suppliers that meets all Australian Standards. the RoboFab production facility is also ISO9001:2005 certified and complies with AS4100.

  • Next, we use smart software from Strumis to do a complete source to stand-up material and process tracking that is available in report formats to every client. This process significantly improves the quality, traceability and speed of our production facility. We also use this software to pack our steel shipments in a logical order, reducing the time and complexity required to stand the steel up on site.

  • Finally and most importantly, as our name suggests RoboFab has developed a robotic process line that manages all of our cutting, coping and holing requirements. As well as performing connective markings, this significantly reduces the risk of human error, allowing us to guarantee that the steel fabricated and delivered to site is exactly as ordered.


 Our mission is to;

  • Help reduce the cost of high quality Structural Steel in the Australian market

  • Produce the highest quality 3D drafting service, our data rich 3D models are used to drive all fabrication actions processing, fabrication and checking

  • Provide a safe, secure and equal opportunity environment for all our staff, by providing training and development for people to enjoy their involvement with our company

  • Be Australian builders first choice for consistent, accurate and dependable supply of structural steel products

Reduce costs

 Australia has one of the highest construction costs in the world. This is largely due to the high costs of labour, raw materials, consumables and beurocracy. This fact has been known to many different governments and unions over the years, but nothing is done to address it. 


Robofab Australia is here to provide a solution. A new way to cut your construction costs and increase your bottom line. We leverage our international advantage to produce high quality structural steel at a fraction of the cost.


Robofab produces our structural steel using advanced automation technologies as well as working to a certified ISO 9001:2005 standard. We use Strumis BIM tools to track your order, from raw materials supply all the way through to erection. Heat numbers, weld information and tracking are all available to our clients. Our quality systems and managment teams ensure all work complies with AS4100, AS1554, AS4680 and relavant painting specification and waranty conditions.


We have a close knit team of riggers to stand the steel up safely on your site. They love working with our steel as it goes together  quick and easily. Our container delivery and packaging reduces unloading time and space required on site. Steel members are lifted directly from contianers to there final position. 


We strongly support the continued development of state of the art CNC fabrication machinery, robotics, automation and modern project management techniques. RoboFab is also automation and robotics company our control over the production and use of the machines that drive our fabrication means we have the capability to quickly and effeciently design new capabilities required to produce the best results for our customers

To make Australian builders strong, we need to embrace the future, more efficient, cost-effective manufacturing and fabrication technologies.

Steps to improve your bottom line

  • Contact us! Share with us your project goals, ideas and budget and we can help you save money

  • Send us your architectural drawings. We can produce pricing information direct from these drawings.

  • Receive our quote. Compare it against any local price and you will be amazed at the differences

  • Engage our drafters. We provide complete drafting facilities that help you produce the most cost effective structure using our technologies

  • Place the order. Our automation technologies work straight off the computer generated CAD files! This means a fast turn around, even with shipping

  • Our team of riggers recieve the steel on site, and stand it up efficiently and without issue

  • Spread the word. Share with us and everyone you know the savings and superiour level of service you have experienced